How To Increase Your Appointment Show-Up Rate


Getting leads is easy but getting those leads / prospects to actually BOOK an appointment and then SHOW UP for that appointment is a challenge that most fitness studios and gyms struggle with. This video explains the simple 4 step process we use to book 10,000 – 15,000 appointments every month for 300 fitness studios.

Most gym / studio owners don’t realize they need a step by step process for actually taking leads and getting them to book an appointment. After they get the appointment, they need another step by step process to get that lead to SHOW UP through the doors.

The issue most owners run into is how to actually do this AT SCALE when you have a ton of leads coming in left and right on a daily basis.

In this video I break down the exact 4 step process that 300+ fitness studios are implementing right now to book and show 40+ appointments every single month.

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1. The single most important part of turning a LEAD into an actual BOOKED appointment. (If you don’t implement this correctly right off the bat then you’re screwed).

2. The BEST method to get someone booked for an appointment (Calling, Texting or Emailing?)

3. How long you should wait before reaching out to a new lead / prospect.

4. The exact type of message you should be sending to your lead to make sure they book their appointment right away.

5. Exactly what to do when a prospect BOOKS their appointment to make sure they’ll show up.

6. The “Nurturing” process most studio owners implement that scares most leads away and ruins your show-rate.

7. How to create a personal connection with your prospect to make sure they will actually show up.

8. The importance of reminder messages, what they should say and more importantly, WHEN you should send them.

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