Don’t Run Challenges If Your Goal Is To Grow Your Membership

Are you running the classic ‘6 week challenge‘ but are having trouble getting people to purchase a membership after the challenge is over? Or worse, are your Facebook Ads for your challenges just simply not working anymore?

This is a continued theme that we at continue to hear from fitness owners around the United States. The problem is your offer is supposed to be aligned with your business goals, and the 6 week challenge is not aligned with your business goals. Your business goals when you initially opened your fitness location was to grow your membership EFT, which provides you with 1) sustainability & longevity for the business and 2) predictable cash flow every single month.

What ultimately ends up happening is the 6 week challenge offer becomes a new business model, that is not aligned with your goal of growing your membership. While you are blinded by the short-term cash influx from the challenge, your membership slowly declines in the background. As soon as the 6 week challenge offer becomes redundant to your local audience, your Facebook Ads begin to break even, or in some cases even lose money.

Now you are left with challenge ads that are breaking even or losing money, and a steady membership decline over the months that you were were blinded by short-term cash influx.

Now let’s dive into the ‘WHY‘ the 6 week challengers are not converting to full-priced memberships after the challenge:

  1. Offer Not Aligned With Business Goals: Your goal is to get full-priced members and grow the EFT, but you are essentially putting people through a ‘loop’ by them doing a challenge, to then get them to purchase a full-priced membership (when that was not their buying intent).
  2. Purchasing Mentality: The challenger purchased the 6 week challenge for a fixed amount of money, for a fixed amount of time. Both mentalities do not align with your goal of a full-priced membership.

If your goal is to get full-priced memberships, and grow your membership consistently & predictably every month, then why would you not have offers that align with your goal?

What is the alternative? A three step system of membership growth with multiple strategies that are aligned with your business goals, and do not require you to run challenges or discount your membership.

If you are tired of running 6 week challenges and you want to run consistent ‘ever green’ offers that can run all year long and are super consistent, then schedule a 1-on-1 strategy call with the team.

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