Why “class packages” are bad for your fitness studio / gym.


Class packages are a very popular option in the boutique fitness studio space but is it the BEST option for your business and for your customers? In this video I break down the 3 biggest reasons why class packages are bad for your business and also bad for your clients / customers.

Most boutique fitness owners believe that they MUST offer class package options because consumers want them. But the truth is that class packages are very detrimental for your business and also lay the foundation for bad habits for your member.

If you push your class package options first, you’re going to find yourself with a very unstable fitness studio / gym with tons of “flakey” clients who never consistently show up and it’s going to really take a toll on your revenue.

In this video I break down 3 main reason why you should not be offering class packages as your main option AND review how you should actually offer them (if you want to).


1. The 3 biggest reasons class packages are bad for your business and also get in the way of your clients actually getting results.

2. How class packages are not reliable and negatively effect your business’ financials.

3. The correct way to present your pricing options to new prospects.

4. How to pitch a class package option if you want/have to pitch it.

To Your Success!

– Grant Cooper & the team at FitTraffic.com.

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  1. Thank you! This information is just what I need. I’m jstarting a class studio business and you’ve made up my mind in how to approach my pricing, thank you again!

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